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The Big Day is Almost Here – It’s Time to Divest UW!

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Friends of Divest UW,

After tireless campaigning it looks like the big day is upon us, [drum roll please].

Divest UW will be presenting an information item on divestment from thermal coal at the next Board of Regents meeting on the 12th of March. Information items are the step before a vote, so now is a crucial time to build support for our proposal. Below are some ways you can help do so:

  1. Contact the Board of Regents: We need the Board of Regents to know that there is support for this proposal, so what better way to let them know than to contact them. Check out their contact details here, find some talking points here and reach out to them in whichever way suits you best.
  2. Reach out to Alumni and Faculty: We have built up great support from the student body, and now we’re asking for your help to reach out to faculty and alumni. We’ve created a petition for faculty and one for alumni.
  3. Join us at the Board of Regents meeting: The meeting is on the morning of the 12th on the Bothell campus and it would be great to fill the room with support. The meeting time is at 10:50am, possibly subject to change. The details will be posted here by the 6th of March and we’ll send them out when we get them.
  4. Sign up for Public Comments: There is a public comments section at the beginning of the meeting. Sign-up opens on Friday the 6th of March at noon. If you can make it and  give a two minute speech in support of the Divest UW proposal, then please sign on for public comments here when applications open.

Friends, the power of the divestment movement is growing, and the UW can be a leader. Let’s provide them the support to be able to do so.

If you missed out on the powerful wedding of UW and the fossil fuel industry for Global Divestment Day, you can see the beautiful wedding pics at: http://bit.ly/DivestWeddingStory


Divest UW

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