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UW Could Be the Biggest University to Divest from All Fossil Fuels

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Friends of Divest UW,

After our presentation to the Board of Regents in March, it looks like things are really moving
forward!   After so many months of working to have the opportunity we were very excited to spread some divestment knowledge.  The regents seemed generally receptive and things are looking up for the future.  (You can watch the video of March’s Board of Regents meeting and our brave speakers here).

Currently, Divest UW has been focusing our energy on securing a vote on the May Board of Regent meeting agenda.  In our current talks with the administration it is looking very likely that thermal coal divestment will be an addendum to the general financial motion!  In other words, we could get a vote (and a win) at this meeting!

Even more excitingly, Divest UW is in conversation with the President about presenting on divestment from direct investments in all fossil fuels in May and it seems likely we’re going to get a vote on it!  This is phenomenal news and
we are excited to step it up to the possibility of being the biggest university to divest from fossil fuels!

Thanks to all our supporters, for helping us build a serious force in the UW community.  To those who want to get involved: there is no better time than now!  Let’s tell the university once and for all, the time to divest is NOW.

In solidarity,
Divest UW


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