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If it's wrong to wreck the planet, it's wrong to profit from wrecking the planet.

It’s Time to Divest UW!

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The University of Washington could become the largest university to divest from fossil fuels!

On May 14th the Board of Regents are voting to divest from thermal coal – the most harmful and greenhouse gas intensive fossil fuel. The time before this vote is a crucial time to build support and make this happen.  Below are some ways you can help do so:

  1. Contact the Board of Regents: We need the Board of Regents to know that there is support for this proposal, so what better way to let them know than to contact them. Call them on 206-543-1633 or email them at regents@uw.edu (You can even find individual regent contact details here). You can find some talking points for coal here and reach out to them in whichever way suits you best. Why not send the regents a photo pledge not to invest in UW until they divest like Seattle City Councilmember O’Brien did? Or why not share a photo in support of divestment on the UW Facebook wall or tweet it at them?
  2. Join us at the Rally and the Board of Regents meeting: The meeting is on the 14th of May and it would be great to fill the room with support. We will be holding a rally in Red Square at 11am with the vote set to take place at 11:45 in Gerberding Hall 142.  Please join the Facebook event and start spreading the word.
  3. Get the Word Out to Friends and the Press: Please invite all your friend and spread the word. If you are part of the press or know press willing to cover the story, we have a press release here.

Friends, the power of the divestment movement is growing, and the UW can be the major leader that the movement has been waiting for. Let’s provide them the support to be able to do so.

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