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We Divested From Coal, So What’s Next?

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As some of you know, Divest UW was successful in our campaign to get the University of Washington divested from thermal coal, making us (at the time) the richest public university and the school with the biggest student body to divest!! So, you may be asking, what’s next for us? We’ve put quite a bit of thought into that question, and here is where the future of Divest UW lies – if you’re keen to get involved please join our weekly meetings in Thomson 135 at 5:30pm on Tuesdays or email ccchange@uw.edu:

  •  We are continuing the call on UW to divest from fossil fuels in line with a safe climate and to increase their investments in clean energy. At the same time we are working with the university to engage in shareholder advocacy work, particularly focused on banks that finance dirty fossil fuels.
  • Related to our shareholder advocacy, we are also helping lead a campaign to get the US Bank to stop its billions worth of financing of harmful coal mining, mountain top removal, fracking, and tar sands projects.
  • We are also currently in discussions about hosting the Pacific Northwest Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence – a gathering of divestment activists from across the region to help build, train and grow the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Apart from our own campaigns, Divest UW is continuing to work with the broader climate community on important climate justice struggles.

  • Divest UW is working in partnership with climate justice organizations to put a price on climate change-causing carbon pollution in Washington State. A carbon tax is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against climate change and implementing one state-by-state is currently the most feasible route given DC grid-lock. Check out this great piece by John Sutter about I-732 for more details.
  • We will also continue to partner with local climate justice organizations to take part in the fossil fuel resistance. We have been involved in the Shell No campaign, Keystone XL fight, oil trains resistance and we will continue to be involved in the fossil fuel resistance moving forward.

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