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Who’s Endorsed Divestment at UW?

These organizations, faculty members, and students have officially endorsed fossil fuel divestment at the University of Washington:

African Student Association

Associated Students of the University of Washington Student Senate (ASUW)

Black Student Union

Climbing Team at University of Washington


Evans Student Organization, Evans School of Public Affairs

HIV Awareness and Research Exposed

International Socialist Organization

Polynesian Student Alliance

Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA)


Society for Ecological Restoration

Somali Student Association

Student Association for Green Environments

Student Food Cooperative

Sustainability Organization

United Students Against Sweatshops

UW Forest Club

UW Real Food Challenge

UW Student Farm

Washington Public Interest Research Group (WashPIRG)

The Wildlife Society

Yogis at UW

Young Democrats

Joe Cook – Asst. Professor of Public Affairs, Evans School of Public Affairs

Steven Emerson – Professor, School of Oceanography / Faculty Member, Program on Climate Change

Stephen Gardiner – Professor, Department of Philosophy

Stephanie Gardner- Associate Director of LSAMP, Office of the Minority Affairs & Diversity

Martha Groom – Professor of Ecology and Environmental Studies

Daniel Grosvenor- Research Associate Ph.D, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Frederica Helmiere – Lecturer, Program on the Environment

Kathryn Kelly – Professor, School of Oceanography

Jason Lambacher – Department of Political Science

Karen Litfin – Associate Professor, Department of Political Science / Teaching Faculty, Program on the Environment

Jamie Mayerfeld – Prof., Political Science/Adj. Prof. of Law, Societies & Justice/Faculty Associate of the Center for Human Rights

Juliet McMains – Associate Professor, Dance Program

Barry Minai- Director of the Instructional Center, Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity

Tamara Myers – Pre-Doctoral Instructor, Comparative History of Ideas

Jim Nicholls – Sr. Lecturer, Department of Architecture

Kristina Straus – Program on the Environment

Joshua Tewksbury – Professor, Department of Biology

LuAnne Thompson – Professor, School of Oceanography

Rob Wood- Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, President of the UW Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

Ava Jo Adams

Justine Andreychuk

Stephanie Aragon

Kate Baker

Doug Balcom

Emily Bays

Taylor Biaggi

Ryan Bodanyi

Patrick Bridegam

Audrey Brown

Merrick Calder

Katherine Cofell

Brian Condit

John Crawford-Gallagher

Anthony Dang

Elizabeth Erber

Lise Ferguson

Jack Finley

Grace Flott

Emily Garverick

Noam Gaster

Xian Gong

Mike Hank

Justin Hill

Yolanda Ho

Angel Ip

Dylane Jacobs

Alex Januzzi

Alexis Jensen

Jieru Jin

Rachel Kahn

Alexandria Kewitt

Tiffany Knapp

Leah Knopf

June Landenburger

Justine Liebenson

Kathryn Lundgren

Andrea Maracos

Edward Marsh

Melissa Martin

Lindsey McThewson

Ashley Mihle

Marie Novak

Andrea Odle

Benjamin Peterson

Avra Platis

Stephanie Potts

Muthatha Ramanathan

Margaret Ramirez

Hilary Ratliff

Scott Rinnan

Nicole Scott

Jason Scullion

Caroline Sessions

Joshua Simpson

Elena Small

Max Sugarman

Wei Tang

Sarra Tekola- Climate Change Crisis Council

Arianna RG Thompson

Amalia Tonsor

Judy Twedt

Stephanie Ung

Johannah Verhulst

Eleanor Watts

Matt Wildey

Anna Wilson

Jason Young

Mariam Zameer

Samantha Zwicker

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