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If it's wrong to wreck the planet, it's wrong to profit from wrecking the planet.

Divest UW Secures Victory with 5 Global Climate Change Initiatives

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FF-logoOn November 13, 2013, the University of Washington  Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee of the Board of Regents formally approved our 2013 Climate Change Initiatives. These measures, ranging from the adoption of E.S.G. to participation in shareholder advocacy with respect to our currently held fossil-fuel assets, signify the first major step toward the establishment of a green endowment. This is only the beginning. For more details on our victory click HERE

Divest UW thanks every member of the campaign, past and present, for their support, and we hope to see deeper engagement in the weeks and months to come. During Spring Quarter 2014, we meet every Tuesday at 7PM in Savery Hall 156, as we work on ensuring that UW and the broader community takes every step possible to ensure a just future. If you are interested in joining Divest UW/ Confronting Climate Change please join us at our meetings or send an email to ccchange@uw.edu

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