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If it's wrong to wreck the planet, it's wrong to profit from wrecking the planet.

Reviving the Divestment Ask

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10253795_666653906704288_2374805130397698410_nWhile this blog space has been quiet for the last while, Divest UW has most certainly not been. In fact, just in case you missed it, in the last month our continued work has been featured on KUOW, the Seattle Times and the Stranger.

More than that, we’ve been back in meetings with the Board of Regents, and building on our previous work we’re bringing back the divestment ask! Check out our stellar new policy for more details on just what we’re asking for, and details on how we’re building on past victories to try and become one of the few major universities with a comprehensive, ethically responsible, fiscally sound and all-round powerful approach to tacking the climate crisis.

We’re hoping to present this to the Board of Regents at their next meeting. More details to follow soon. We’re excited and we hope you are too! Keen to get involved? Then email us on ccchange@uw.edu

PS: Illustrating the strength of our Divestment ask, AMP ( a major investor), just decided to dump stocks in pretty much exactly the companies we’re targeting for direct divestment: http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/amp-fund-dumps-fossil-fuel-investments-20140528-394iz.html

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